Using Christmas Displays to Boost Business 

One great part of Christmas is the chance to have a seasonal display. A full window spread if based in an urban area, or perhaps a more elaborate outdoor display if based in the countryside. There are many benefits to having one year-round, but Christmas sets a theme and allows for some creativity.

Firstly, during this season many shoppers browse, visiting shops, retail centers, or even towns and cities that they wouldn’t usually go to. A window display gives potential customers instant visual information about the type of product your store sells, thus encouraging them in. Secondly, it builds a positive image for your business. People value creativity, ingenuity and beauty, and when this is prominently displayed, it reflects well on the business. Keep in mind that this can go the other way, and a display left untended, with little changes over time, can reflect badly.

Another bonus of a good Christmas display is increased brand awareness. Farm shops have a variety of unique products, and having these prominently displayed helps differentiate them from other shops, again encouraging customers in. It is also a valuable space to highlight seasonal offers and promotions — if doing seasonal hampers, they should be displayed in the window!

Finally, window displays are good value for money. Often, a small business can use the stock and decorations it already has, meaning little cost for a potentially big payoff. Keeping it cheap is partly down to creatively using what is already available.

So, what are some ways to create interesting Christmas displays?

To start, use what you already have. Christmas trees don’t have to be trees. You’ve probably seen a stack of books with a star on top, or perhaps a pile of yarn with tinsel and an angel. These are perfect examples of stores using what they have to create an eye-catching display at little to no cost.

Furthermore, the key to creating a great window display is tying everything together — you don’t want just a bunch of random products. Luckily, Christmas does this for you, so make sure to select what goes in and where it goes with the seasonal theme in mind.

Finally, planning is key. It can be easy to overdo a display, and often less is more. Before whipping out the scissors and fairy lights, take the time to plan how the display will look. Don’t be afraid to sketch out where products, props and signs will go with paper and a pen. When you do start building, pay careful attention to lighting, as this can make or break a display.