Public Support For Local Produce Gets Another Boost

The latest Red Tractor campaign seems to have paid off as a survey shows a significant jump in the number of people willing to switch to Red Tractor products.

Several weeks ago, we reported that the Red Tractor association was rolling out a new tiered system, which chief executive Jim Moseley described as the biggest shift since the formation of the brand 19 years ago. This shift involved a £1.5 million televised advertising campaign espousing the benefits of Red Tractor certified foods over other options. The animated video (see below) was designed to give British producers the chance to promote the benefits of buying local food. The advert ran on TV and digital channels and was mainly aimed at families with children, which comes across in the style of the campaign.

According to Red Tractor, the aim was to influence shoppers to find their logo and “trade up” from cheaper options. It ran for eight weeks and YouGov polls at either end of the campaign were used to measure its impact.

The polls found that in September, before the campaign, 36% of the shoppers surveyed would switch to a Red Tractor certified product over the cheapest option. The same poll in November, once the campaign had ended, found that 41% of the more than 2,000 shoppers asked would switch to the Red Tractor option. This is an increase of 5%, which, when scaled up, would equal about 1.4 million people, according to the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board. Furthermore, those respondents who associate the Red Tractor logo with “traceable food from farm to pack” almost doubled to 62%.

Moseley said that the autumn campaign was just the start of a long-term plan to enhance the logo’s reputation, but warned that this integrity could only be maintained if farmers remained 100% compliant at all times. This long-term plan involves another campaign set to run in 2019, which will again focus on increasing consumer understanding and span Television, print and social media.

Support for the Red Tractor overhaul can be seen among some farmers such as arable farmer Neal Mcintosh who said: “We [as farmers] must continue this momentum but also ensure that we are maintaining the high standards that consumers clearly buy into. If we aren’t complying to the standards, we undermine the good work that’s being done to promote the scheme.”

The advert in question: