Food Trends to Watch for in 2019

Bidfood offers up its predictions for food trends in 2019, which will not only focus on what and how consumers eat and drink but also production, purchasing and consumption.

The latest Bidfood report puts forward four macro food trends they expect to see in 2019: Telling a Story; Gourmet Get Together; Good For Me, Good For You and Awaken My Senses.

Telling a Story is all about provenance. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in where their food comes from and are looking to learn as much as possible about the food supply chain. According to Bidfood, consumers “no longer want mass produced food” but rather products that are conscious of both them as the consumer and the environment. The people of Britain will no longer accept the bland food of faceless production lines, and suppliers must create “exciting dishes, with different flavours and textures”. This trend will include “named ingredients, artisan products, local and craft foods and drinks” as well as seasonal produce and hand-made or home-made goods, according to Bidfood.

Gourmet Get Together refers to consumers desire to add “a touch of fun and luxury to [their] eating occasions.” Bidfood puts this down to political uncertainty driving people to look for comfort through food and drink. This can be achieved by playing with food, adding new twists to classic dishes and drinks and “creating new classics.” Additionally, Bidford says that the new trend of serving food in bowls is a part of this “comfort eating”, which could be worth noting for any farm shops with an onsite cafe.

Good for Me, Good for You is the massive increase in concern over sustainability. This includes reducing your carbon footprint as well as reducing all forms of waste — especially takeaway containers. Furthermore, vegetables are beginning to take centre stage at meals and game and foraging are making a comeback as consumers’ interest in provenance continues to grow. Bidford attributes this, in part, to the shock the nation suffered at the hands of Blue Planet II.

Awaken My Senses looks at the colours and textures of the food people are consuming. Increasingly, customers are looking for food and drink that is “Instagramable” — i.e. it looks really good in a photo. Products that are “over the top” allow people to show off on social media, which will be important in 2019. This trend will include interactive and experimental dining as well as producers focusing on fun, colourful and experimental food and drinks.

Bidfood is a foodservice wholesaler that supply frozen, fresh, ambient and non-food related products to those in the foodservice and catering industry.